Access to the Food Center Amsterdam

The Food Center Amsterdam (FCA) is open Monday to Friday from 6.30 to 17.00 and on Saturdays from 6.30 to 16.30.
On both entrances to the Jan van Galenstraat and Zeebergerweg, is a porter. Here you can use your accesscard to get in. Next to the main entrance on the Jan van Galenstraat you'll find the office of FCA Administration where you'll find tenders and information on entrance and subscription.

Entrance control
The Foodcenter Amsterdam is a closed area. Our target is the professional entrepreneur in catering and food retail. The admissionpolicy is customized accordingly.
To buy on the Food Center you'll need a card to enter the area. This card is for access to the area only, as a customer you'll also need to register at one or more of the established companies. The manner in which this occurs, can vary by company.

How can I become a member?
The membership to the Food Center is available in the office at the main entrance to the Jan van Galenstraat. You'll need to produce the following documents:

• a valid extract of the Chamber of Commerce, not older than six months
• the industry listed on the extract should have a relation with "food". This is mentioned under  'bedrijfsomschrijving' on the papers of the Chamber of Commerce.
• a valid identification of applicant and/or agent
• the applicant must be listed on the extract or be in the possession of an authorisation of the one listed.

Your card remains valid as long as you are enrolled at the Chamber of Commerce and as long as there is no change in the extract of the Chamber of Commerce.
The pass will not be forwarded to your (home)adress, but can be picked up at the office on the Jan van Galenstraat 4.

How does the card work?
The electronic card contains a chip with which you can activiate the barrier of the gate. When you register your card at the metal ring, the barrier will automatically open. Wait until the barrier is fully opened and remember that upon leaving the market you'll actually register going out as the barrier will otherwise not respond on your next visit.