General Information

FCA Management

FCA Management is the municipal body responsible for administering the
FoodCenter. The tasks of FCA Management are brought to the department Acquisition & Management of the Amsterdam Development Corporation (OGA). FCA has regular consultations with the enterprises located in the Food Center Amsterdam. The companies are represented in these consultations by the United Companies FCA. For the daily supervision of the FCA three marktmeesters (marketpolice) are appointed.

The main tasks of management are:
This includes the maintenance and if necessary, renewal of all sustainable facilities, installations and compounds. The infrastructure must be tailored to the logistical needs of the enterprises located in the Food Center Amsterdam. The companies have an interest in good-quality supplies and transport. Also the companies are easily accessible to their customers and there is sufficient parking present.

For the good order of things some ground rules are laid down in a Marketregulation. Staff, customers and suppliers all make use of the area. The regulation aims to ensure a safe and disciplined course of action on the area and to give space to trade.

Controlling the access to the Food Center Amsterdam is outsourced to a private security company. To access the FoodCenter an admissionpass is required. These cards are issued by FCA Administration. Individuals do not have access to the FoodCenter. Information and conditions for admission to the FCA can be found under the button 'accessibility'. 

Exploitation of objects
A number of buildings on the
FoodCenter site are owned by the municipality of Amsterdam. FCA Management is responsible for the exploitation of these buildings. 

FoodCenterAmsterdam strives to be known as the best and most important merchant of fresh produce in the Netherlands.
FoodCenterAmsterdam strives to excel in efficiency of service, delivery and quality of the products.
FoodCenterAmsterdam strives as MAINPORT FOR FRESH PRODUCE to the leading market position in the western region of the Netherlands.
FoodCenterAmsterdam wants to compete with other renowned wholesale markets for fresh produce in Europe.